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Our Story

Like so many other breweries, Lithic’s story started with home brewing. The first ever batch was created in David’s tolerating Mum’s kitchen back in 2007. Nothing about that brew day was perfect; random kitchen pans of all sizes were utilised, sticky beery goodness covered the kitchen floor and a ‘chilling’ setup involving wet towels and a hose pipe had to suffice. But the beer worked and it was surprisingly tasty!

Brewing got put on the back burner in 2008 when David moved to Australia for 5 years to pursue his other love…rocks!

Despite this, beer was never far from his mind and the many sessions sat in West Australian breweries kept inspiring him that brewing was the future.

Fast forward to 2013 when David’s Australian chapter concluded and the UK became home again. From this point forward home brewing became serious and gradual work towards Lithic started.  Recipes were tried, tested and perfected, and new styles, hops and other ingredients were experimented with. David also experimented with lagering when he discovered the cloak room of his house conveniently averaged 12˚C in winter when its radiator was turned off.

In Spring 2014, not content with just brewing beer, David started growing one of the key ingredients himself, hops! He planted four different hop varieties, with harvests exceeding expectations. Eager to experiment, David has used the homegrown hops in many of his homebrews with great success. One day we hope that homegrown hops will make it into our own beers.

After 4 years of experimenting in his kitchen David started Lithic after finding the ideal location on a small farm in the Brecon Beacons. 2017 may well mark the beginning of the brewery, but Lithic has been almost 10 years in the making and we can’t wait to share a pint or two with you!

After almost 2 years, it was realised that the small setup in Llangorse was stopping Lithic from reaching its full potential. In February 2019 the Lithic brand and recipes were sold to the Brecon Brewing/Cold Black Label group who wanted to help Lithic grow! David assisted with the transition to ensure that all the recipes were faithfully recreated at Brecon Brewing’s Brynmenyn brewery ensuring that the Lithic beers are as good as ever.